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 Welcome to Incline Village
 A gentle breeze travels across the emerald waters. The pines sway. Sun glistens from the waves. The
sky has never been more blue, and you’ve never felt more at home. This is Incline Village, the city by the lake. Lake Tahoe, that is.
It’s no wonder more than 8,000 people call Incline Village home and why 5.1 million people visit every year. Perhaps it’s the panoramic vista of high-peaked mountains often dotted with snow, trails, and ski runs. Maybe it’s the aquamarine glow of the Tahoe waters. Incline Village itself is a quaint town hidden away in the trees, an eclectic mix of stately manors, churches, businesses, city parks, and opportunities for a whirlwind of adventure. Only a few miles from high rises, shopping malls, and ever changing developments, Incline Village is nestled within the mountains that offer endless outdoor recreation, and cradles the magnificent Lake Tahoe.
In addition to the area’s spectacular beauty, Incline Village and the Tahoe area offer an extraordinary mix of history and culture, world-class ski and golf resorts, 24-hour entertainment, a mild climate with four distinct seasons, a healthy, diverse economy, and community spirit as strong as ever.
As a newcomer to the Incline Village area, the mountains and the quiet, small-town feel may surprise you. It’s a place of beauty and adventure, excitement and fun. Here, you can find family, stability, and a future. Here, you can imbed yourself in the community and discover your diversity.
Here at Incline Village, you can be home. Welcome to Incline Village.

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