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 Incline Village - Know Your City
 The discovery of Lake Tahoe goes back hundreds
of years to the first Native Americand who called the lake their summer home. In much the same way, John C. Fremont discovered the lake for himself in 1844. The lake was used for logging companies beginning in the mid-1800s. The north shore (now Incline Village and Crystal Bay) was treasured for its lumber and turned to a valley of stumps, flumes, and rotting debris. While visitors still travelled to the lake, there was a general distaste for the barren lands that had been created from logging.
As more tourists traveled to discover Lake Tahoe for themselves, roads were put in to connect the shores. By 1935, George Whittell bought the barren land that would one day be Incline Village and Crystal Bay. He constructed his first summer home, the Thunderbird Lodge, and thus began the building of Incline Village.
In 1960, the area of Incline Village was acquired
by the Crystal Bay Development Company. It was then that the planned community of Incline Village came together. Instead of summer homes, a city was established with roads, schools, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and more. It was designed as a resort area where residents could dwell.
As the years passed, Incline Village grew. The first school was constructed in 1964, followed by Incline High School. More renown was brought to Incline Village with the production of Bonanza, the iconic Western television show. The show was filmed at Incline Village’s Ponderosa Ranch and drew in tourists from around the country. One man, Bill Anderson, was a fan of the show and an equipment surplus dealer. He moved to Incline and brought about the Incline Riding Stables in conjunction with Bonanza.
In the late 1900s, the area around Lake Tahoe, including Incline Village was commissioned as
a state park, and later a national park. Activists strive to preserve Lake Tahoe’s color and the area’s health. While the community of Incline Village continues to grow, there is a continued focus
on preservation, recreation, and advancement. Today’s residents come from all walks of life from around the world. There are corporate executives, teachers, carpenters, artists, writers, celebrities, and summer visitors. From the families watching the sunsets on the lake’s waves to the snow chasers on the hills, they all share one thing in common: Incline Village is home.

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